mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Dark Vampire

Illustration commissioned by Gabrielle Christine Mai Do. She answer me to rappresent her like a vampire,and this is the result. I like so much this pik, and i'm really satisfated.

Original size: A4 (21x29,7cm)
Tools: photoshop cs5 & Wacom Tablet

I want to do here a little tutorial of this picture. It's not a "how to do", but a simple step by step, of how I made this illustration. I hope you like it, and for any questions, just ask! :D

1. realize sketch
2. Put the base colors 
(this step is crucial to make the image balanced. But you can always change going on with the job)
3. Work on the skin and face. I always start from the face, once characterized that, I can continue with the rest
4. I put shadows and highlights to the hair
5. then move to clothes and accessories
6. Now put the colors to the background
7. Adjusted the background giving a predefined shape and effect "glass mosaic"
8. Add the details of light, balancing color and opacity to the entire image and ... finish!

And now the details: 

(c) Art by Me 
Model: Gabrielle Christine Mai Do

-Please don't use my work without my permission-

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