mercoledì 7 novembre 2012

Red Dress

This is onother commission for a client, and rappresents her with a fantastic Red Dress.
I love this pik, the final result satisfated me a lot! 
I love to put a lot of details in my pik, and in this one i'm enjoyed to do it.
For pose and dress i used this photo for reference, like the client ask me, and, of course, a lot of photos of her for the face.

As always for realize this pik i used only 3 simple brushes, all is realized by me with a lot of patience :D

Also for this pik you can find below a little step-by-step and a close-up! i hope you enjoy it! :D

1. First i do the sketch. Usually i use 2 different color for the character and the background, to not create confusion.
2. Then put the base color for characters in a new layer below the sketch, and the base color for bg in another layer under this one.
3. Now i'm working on her face and shoulder.
put on the base shade in the base color layer, and fix the details in a new layer above all others.
and fix her hair, as the client ask me after see the first sketch.
4. Put a base shade of hair and dress
5. Add other details on the dress and hair
6. complete the dress and fix a little the bg
7. now, do the last details of dress (boa, edges and fan)
8. fix and realize the bg and complete the woman in red
9. add the last details and adjust a little bit the color
And it's FINISH! :D

Now the close-up:

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