giovedì 1 novembre 2012

Spider Queen

I start this pik only for a speed-paint/sketch for Halloween, but during the realization, it became an illustration.
In origin she was a vampire, then has been trasformen into a hybrid between a vampire and a girl that likes a spiders... and behold was born the Spider Queen (*-*)

For this i want to use a cold colors like violet, purple and blue, in contrast with red for her eyes, blood and jewels.
All is realized by hand, without specific brush, included laces and cobweb.

Also for this one, you can see a fast step-by-step with a little description of various steps, and below it a close-up of details.

NB. Programm used: Photoshop CS5+ Wacom Bamboo Tablet and only three simple brush, one for sketch, one for color  and details and last one for soft shade, and also one for skin texture.
All with a pressure tablet controll.

1. Drawing the sketch.
2. Put a base background and skin color, and add a basic face shades.
3. Insert details at her face's skin and mouth.
4. Add eyes and hair with some details and a second light source.
5. Adjust more in here face and hair. Add other details in her skin and jewels and put a based shade and cobweb in background.
6. Complete the dress and the hand and, also, add still details
7. finish to add details in Background, dress, jewels and cobweb.
Apply a little adjustment for colors... and FINISH IT!

As always, for any questions please tell me! (^-^)

And for finish with a flourish... the close-up!

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