venerdì 8 marzo 2013

Aphrodite - Step-by-Step

A fast step-by-step of my last personal work "Beauty"

1. Start with the sketch and a base neutral color for bg 
2. Add a base color and shadows for the skin
3. Add other base colors and the first details on her face
4. More details oh face and change the color of hair
5. Finer the details of the face, skin, hands, accessories and BG (and change again the hair color - as always end up on red XD) 
6. Put shadows and lights on hair and other little details
7. Work on accessories
8. finish to put the details to the accessories and other small touches
9. Duplicate the level of the illustration, imposed it on "multiply" mode with 15% of opacity and fix the color balance
10. Add the final effects and.... DONE!

You can find the final pik here >> Beauty And print and various gadget on Da and my Society6
DeviantArt - FacebookTumblr - Society6

♥ Please don't use my work without my permission ♥

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